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This game, Projectile Project, is modeled to teach both mathematics as well as a few English words from the secondary educational perspective. The game is designed primarily for non-English speaking students to learn practical applications for math skills (by way of projectile motion). The target age audience is 15 to 17 year old young adults. The game will be built around an artillery piece trying to destroy individual targets from a marked area. The angle of the cannon is to be adjusted for each target given its relative distance from the flagged area. The students will calculate the distance between each of these points. The class will collaboratively compare results to find the average distance to the target. The velocity of the shell will be randomized for each session to add specificity to each group's calculations. The uniqueness of this first person shooter game is attributed to the visual perspective. The game is viewed from the artillery shell point of view as opposed to the weapon.

This game is design around the parabolic motion of a projectile fired from an artillery piece. The goals are to destroy 5 targets (oil tank, automobile, water tower, house, tank, and radio tower) from a distance designated by the black and red flag. The angle of the gun will be adjusted to approximate a successful launch. The discovered angle and shell velocity will be used to calculate the distance from the target to the flag offline. Groups of students may compare the calculated distance from each other to develop a mean. The word represented by the target will be displayed upon successful hit with a few letters missing to help facilitate language skill development.


  • 1) Navigate to the flagged area.
  • 2) Use the Arrow Keys to move across the playing field.
  • 3) Velocity of the shell is displayed on the screen in meters per second and is randomized.
  • 4) Firing angle is displayed on the screen in degree units. Degrees below 0 shows as a positive integer.
  • 5) Adjust the angle of the artillery piece with the mouse in order to strike target.
  • 6) Use the left mouse button to fire.
  • 7) Record the successful firing solution or readjust angle of artillery and try again.

NOTE: Maximum distance is achieved at 45 degree angle of elevation.

Each target represents a specific solution type (positive angle, negative angle, angle greater than 45 degrees, near 45 degree angle for maximum flight distance)

This is a proof on concept program only. I would expect the production copy to have more targets at randomly placed locations and a cleaner GUI during gameplay. The first person shell perspective would be retained and perhaps amplified.

**NOTE ** Both the Unity, Resource, and Data file need to be downloaded and placed in the same location the game to launch.


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